Rock Sifting / Screener Bucket

Skid Steer Attachment

– Adjustable, add or delete rods to change screening
– 28 replaceable screening bars. Screen down to 1/2″
– Not vibratory, just jostle load and strain the material
– Models for Skid Steers, Minis and Tractor 3 point
– Useful for removing rock, debris, not a digging bucket
– Good for road base, gravel, chip fill, rock, & topsoil

The Versa Rake is a Rock Picking and Rock Sifting Arena Bucket that meets the need for a relatively inexpensive rock clearing bucket. Very simple and effective. Closer tine spacing than anything we know of on the market – and adjustable. Removable rods allow very small to basketball size rocks to be sifted from lofted arena floors, landscape preparation areas and more.  You can set it to sift from 1/2″, remove rods to increase the rod spacing. Not a digging bucket or suitable for prying, but it is built sturdy. It will go a few inches below grade depending on loft of soil, dirt or sand.  Also a great clean up bucket for the farm and construction sites.