What is Damage Waiver?

When renting equipment or party items from Shaughnessy Rental, a mandatory fee of 12% is added to every rental item. This fee is DAMAGE WAIVER. What is damage waiver? Damage waiver covers the customer from the cost of repairing equipment if said customer damages rental equipment during the rental.

There are stipulations, however, as certain types of damage is not covered, such as: theft, collision, misuse or abuse, intentional damage, mysterious disappearance, damage caused by improper care (such as lack of grease) and damage caused by neglect. Also excluded from coverage of damage waiver is tire damage/replacement and windshield crack/replacement.


Here is the exact verbiage taken from our rental contract regarding Damage Waiver:

This is a contract.  The back of this contract contains important terms and conditions including lessor’s disclaimer from all liability for injury or damage and details of customer’s obligations. Lessee agrees and understands that the Damage Waiver charged is not insurance, it provides limited protection against accidental damage to equipment rented on this agreement. It does not cover damage from misuse, negligence or abuse. EXCLUSIONS FROM DAMAGE WAIVER ARE THE LESSEE’S RESPONSIBILITY AND WILL BE BILLED THE LESSEE DIRECTLY: 1)Damage caused by exceeding or overloading the rated capacity of equipment. 2)Damage from lack of providing lubrication or other normal servicing of equipment. 3)Loss or damaged associated with vandalism, malicious mischief, theft, or conversion of equipment not documented by the customer’s prompt filing with applicable public authorities (with an immediate written copy to Shaughnessy Rental, of a formal written report) 4)Wrongful conversion by the customer in possession of the equipment or infidelity of customer’s employees or persons to whom the equipment is entrusted. 5)Loss or damage caused by the use of the equipment in violation of any terms of the rental agreement. 6)Loss or damage caused by failure to keep the equipment in a secure area after the unit is called off rent. 7)Loss or damage resulting from dishonest or criminal activity of the customer or its authorized representative. 8)Loss or damage that was or should have been expected due to an extraordinary application or use of the equipment 9)Damages or loss associated with use or operation of equipment by a person other than qualified employees of the customer, including damages to or loss of equipment loaned to a third party. 10)Loss or damages resulting from exposure to radioactive, contaminated or other hazardous material. 11)Normal wear items, including, but not limited to, hoses, tires and undercarriages.