Dehumidifiers – Proactive and Reactive Uses

How to Improve Your Home with a Dehumidifier

Your home is supposed to be a haven that keeps you safe and cozy. When too much

moisture accumulates in the air, it can make the atmosphere sticky and uncomfortable.

The ideal humidity is between 30 and 50 percent. Anything over sixty percent and it can

be unbearable. It can also wreak havoc on the house itself, warping floors, ruining

walls, creating the perfect space for mold to grow. Renting a dehumidifier from

Shaughnessy Rentals, a machine that collects excess moisture, can keep your home a

comfortable place to be and save it from potential damage.


Prevent Mold and Allergen Growth

Warm, damp environments are the perfect places for mold, mildew and other allergens

to grow and thrive. Mold can start to take hold in a damp space in only a matter of a

couple of days. Running a dehumidifier in areas where the air seems particularly moist,

most frequently the basement, will prevent any of these things from growing. Usually, a

small dehumidifier is sufficient, but in larger areas, such as the basement, a larger,

commercial dehumidifier will be more effective.


Prevent Damage

Excess moisture in the air likes to collect on any nearby surface. This can cause all

kinds of damage to your home’s structure. Floorboards can warp, support beams can

rot. Even your walls are at risk. A dehumidifier in damp rooms will save you from costly



After A Flood

Even if the humidity in your home is normally fine, a flood can throw off the moisture

balance and cause similar issues as described above. Acting quickly in the water

damage restoration process will save your home and the items inside from ruin. After

the water is cleaned up, running a dehumidifier along with an air mover will quickly dry

the space and remove all of the excess moisture.

High humidity in the home can not only cause physical damage to the structure, it can

make it an uncomfortable place to be. Using a dehumidifier will restore balance and

make your home a place you and your family will always want to be.


-Kevin Skaggs –