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Toro STX-26 STUMP Grinder – $7,000 obo


Altec DC1317 12″ Wood Chipper $20,000 obo



Fall Lawn Preparation – The Time is NOW!

Late summer or early autumn is a great time for fall overseeding to heal cool-season lawns that have been damaged by summer drought, diseases, lawn damaging insects or foot traffic. That’s because cool-season grasses, as their name implies, grow best when air temperatures are between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Common cool-season grasses found in our lawns include Kentucky blue... ...


Waking your lawn up the right way – Core Aeration

After you have dethached your lawn as needed, it is important to determine if your lawn is in need of core aeration. Core aeration is perforating ... ...

Spring Lawn Preparation – Dethatching Your Lawn

Spring Has Sprung!

Waking your lawn up the right way


Winter has subsided and spring is upon us!  It is at this time that our quest for the “... ...